Anavon Global Equity Long/Short UCITS Fund

The fund runs a global equity long/short strategy and is managed in partnership with London-based Anavon Capital. Anavon seeks to generate alpha though a value-orientated investment approach backed by deep proprietary fundamental research and a focus on risk management. The fund invests in liquid global equities, is biased towards developed markets and looks for opportunities in single stock idiosyncrasies. The fund aims to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns, protecting capital during downturns and capturing equity market upside with a conservative risk profile.

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Tages Dalton Global Emerging Markets UCITSFund

The fund runs a global emerging markets equity strategy and is managed in partnership with California-based, Dalton Investments LLC. Dalton is a value-focussed investment management firm with particular expertise in Asia and emerging markets. The fund offers investors access to Dalton’s extensive resources and experience in emerging markets in a long/short format within UCITS guidelines.

The fund manages a portfolio of long and short GEM equity positions targeted at limiting risk while seeking to provide superior long term returns. Dalton is distinguished by its long term approach to investment using a disciplined process. They seek to identify superior businesses trading at a significant discount to intrinsic value where management and business owners, as well as their minority shareholders, share an alignment of interest.

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Tages Paladin UCITS Fund

The Fund aims to provide investors with protection from sharp dislocations in global equity and bond markets without the typical burden of carry associated with tail hedge strategies. The Fund uses a combination of systematic long volatility, convexity, momentum and mean reversion strategies together with low beta carry strategies designed to compensate for time decay. The PM uses a proprietary combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques to evaluate and select a portfolio of investable trading strategies and alternative risk premia with clear tail hedge characteristics.

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