Renewable Energy

The Italian photovoltaic sector is one of the largest globally, with a total installed capacity in excess of 18,000 MW. It is very fragmented, with the majority of operators managing portfolios of medium/small solar plants. After recent regulatory changes, pressure is growing for a significant consolidation of the sector as well as a rationalisation of its industrial operations.

In 2015 Tages established a business focussed on delivering long-term predictable income from the renewable energy market with an initial focus on the Italian solar market. Since then we have rapidly grown to become one of the main operators in Italy.

The Renewable Energy Team  

Tages’ first Fund is a leading consolidator in the Italian photovoltaic market. It invests in solar power plants located in Italy, typically with up to 4-5 years of operation history with the aim to rationalise management activities and increase plant efficiency.  The PV plants will be owned by the Fund until the expiry of state incentives, which last for 20 years

With this latest acquisition (December 2017), the entire portfolio held by Tages Helios now generates around 290 GWh a year, which is an energy output capable of satisfying the electric energy demand of over 100 thousand families and results in an annual saving of around 152 thousand tonnes of CO₂ from being released into the atmosphere.

Tages has established a partnership, through Delos Power S.r.l., with Italian renewable energy plant manager Renam, for the management of the PV plants acquired by Tages Funds.

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