UCITS Absolute Return Funds

Tages offers a fully independent UCITS platform, hosting multiple single strategy UCITS Alternative funds. We form partnerships with leading alternative investment managers to leverage Tages’ significant experience in hedge funds to bring best of breed managers to the UCITS alternative market. Being an investment led solution for our clients, we make a significant day one capital commitment to each fund. Clients benefit from a regulated offering with a high level of transparency.

Tages PSAM Credit Fund

The fund is a global credit long/short fund, managed in partnership with New York based P. Schoenfeld Asset Management (PSAM). It seeks to combine bottom up and top down analysis to create a portfolio with strong risk-reward dynamics and low correlation to general equity and credit indices. The fund seeks to exploit pricing inefficiencies in the securities of companies involved in corporate, legal or regulatory events. These events can include (but are not always limited to) mergers, takeovers,  exchange offers, liquidations, spin-offs and restructurings. PSAM seeks to employ a fundamental research based approach to event driven investing.

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Anavon Global Equity Long/Short UCITS Fund

The fund is a global equity long/short fund, managed in partnership with London-based Anavon Capital. Anavon seeks to generate alpha though a value-orientated investment approach backed by deep proprietary fundamental research with a focus on risk management. The fund invests in liquid global long short equities, is biased towards developed markets and looks for opportunities in single stock idiosyncrasies. The fund aims to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns, protecting capital during downturns and capturing equity market upside with a conservative risk profile.

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Tages Cygnus Europa Event Driven UCITS Fund

The fund is a European event driven fund, managed in partnership with Madrid based Cygnus Asset Management. The investment style is bottom-up driven, opportunistic event driven. Cygnus’ approach to investing is fundamental and active, with a particular emphasis on risk control. The strategy aims to capture investment opportunities around corporate activity in Europe and other market independent strategies.

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Tages Rotella UCITS Fund

The Fund is a systematic managed futures fund, managed in partnership with Chicago / Bellevue based Rotella Capital Management. Rotella employs a rigorous scientific process to research and risk management using world class technology to capture the inefficiencies in the financial markets, offering low correlations to traditional stock and bond markets over the long term.

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For further information on any of these products, please contact:

Ed Morse (UK) ed.morse@tagescapital.com
Fabrizio Meo (Italy) fabrizio.meo@tagescapital.com
Guillaume Merle (France) guillaume.merle@tagescapital.com

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